Advising Boards and CEO's

advising boards and leaders

There are times when organizations need an objective external view to identify perplexing issues and present practical solutions. The professional experience of the consultants at HUC offers the perfect blend of skills necessary to identify and understand the challenges that are keeping your nonprofit board from optimal performance. Jane Snider, a founder and former CEO of The Summit School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in Edgewater, MD, and Martin Snider, board counsel and most recently President of a medical center board, have served on multiple and diverse nonprofit boards. Both have grappled with the most difficult questions one faces when serving on a Board. They bring your organization their knowledge and first-hand experiences to support change and transitions.

Leading Executive Searches:

What is more important than finding the most able Executive Director, or Director of Development, or Business Manager, to name a few key roles? Advertising and searching for the best candidates is difficult to do without professional help. The transition between current Head and future CEO is complex; Dr. Snider understands the nuances of these transitions and has guided many schools through a successful leadership change.

Seeking and Vetting Candidates:

As an Executive Director of a school or nonprofit, a CEO, or a Board chair, you realize the importance of surrounding yourself with the right team. If a full executive search is not possible for your school, the consultants at HUC can help you vet appropriate candidates to guide your decision regarding the best match for your organization. Organizations are made of people who work together to meet a mission; HUC can support you in the process, checking references, interviewing, and advising on the best candidate for the position.

Creating Fundraising Programs:

Your organization needs to raise funds for projects or to support the bottom line. If you have questions like "What role does our Board have in fundraising? How do we develop goals and objectives to raise funds? How do we organize a successful special event?", HUC can help you answer them. Schools and nonprofits only survive if their operating budget is balanced and revenue is sustainable. Our consultants have surmounted all these challenges and offer support and insight to your organization.

Education Law and Board Goveranance:

Schools and nonprofits often need counsel regarding various legal issues with respect to the operation of an educational institution and its governing board.  Formation requirements, employment matters and governance are a few of the challenges boards face.  Martin Snider can help boards differentiate between institutional policy and operations, a distinction often misunderstood.

Mastering Board Governance:

Whether you are a leader of a nonprofit, a school, a medical center, or a theatre, the governance issues are the same. The way Boards of Directors function is fairly customary for 501(C) (3)s. Creating a productive team can be a challenge, especially if the board consists of all volunteers. The consultants at HUC have grown boards, trained boards, and assisted boards when they need to strengthen the way in which they operate.

Fees for Clients:

No fee is charged for an initial inquiry for schools or nonprofits. Once a plan is determined, a fee for services will be discussed depending on need and scope.
Dr. Snider and her team will travel to organizations when required.