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Heads-Up Consultants, llc is undeniably committed to making a difference when challenging situations arise. Our consultants' professional experiences have led them to excel in supporting parents, schools and nonprofits when they need solutions the most.

Jane was able to bring the issue at hand full circle, get everyone’s eye on the ball and decrease the tension.  By the end of the meeting a very polished businessman said in front of everyone to Jane, 'Can I come to you for therapy?' " 
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focusing on learning differences

For Families:
Advising on Dyslexia and ADHD; School Placement

Your family needs someone who understands the challenges you are facing, who has lived it, who feels the frustration like you do. That person is Dr. Jane Snider who has helped thousands of families through her private practice, Children's Potential, Inc., and most recently through founding The Summit School in 1989 for bright students with dyslexia and other learning differences. Dr. Snider is skilled at helping families build a roadmap for their child and at identifying an appropriate school to meet the child’s needs.

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partnering with educational leaders

For Schools: Partnering with Educational Leaders

Each of the consultants at Heads-Up has partnered with school leaders, serving them when critical times arose in their organizations. "How do I prepare my school for a major transition? How do I vet candidates for key roles? How do I find the next Head of School? How do I raise funds for essential initiatives?" These are only some of the situations HUC has addressed.

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advising boards and leaders

For Nonprofits: Advising Boards and CEO's

Our consultants offer hands-on support for nonprofit organizations. We have expertise in helping boards develop their roles, draft by-laws, and write policies, all essential components of running a successful nonprofit board. In addition, Dr. Snider is skilled in supporting a Board of Trustees as they develop their next strategic plan, an essential process for any nonprofit board.

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