Advising on Dyslexia and ADHD

families and learning differences

Dr. Jane Snider has a proven passion for educating children with learning challenges. She looks to defend the needs of unique learners by guiding their parents to make important decisions regarding diagnosis, placement, and remediation. As lead consultant at Heads-Up, working with parents and children will always be at the core of what she does. Her vast experience in the field of education as a teacher, college professor, Founder/Executive Director for a nationally recognized school for children with learning challenges enables her to evaluate your situation from all angles.


Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

"I need help! My child is struggling, I am struggling, our family life is compromised, and my child cannot succeed at school." These are the words Dr. Jane Snider has heard for years. Now she is available to offer direction, answers, and support as you try to navigate this complex maze of information. "How is the diagnosis made? What can my child's school do? Will my child ever succeed?" HUC can find the answers and support you regardless of where you live. We also help adults who struggle with these challenges. Consultations are available by phone or via technology.

Support for School Placement:

One of the most daunting tasks for parents is deciding if a school can properly serve the needs of a child with learning differences. Our consultants know the right questions to ask when evaluating if a school truly is the right fit for your child, or what other type of options one might consider and why. Dr. Snider's insights and understandings are based on the best research in the field. An understanding of what the research supports is essential to make the correct decisions for children who learn differently.

Interpreting Diagnostic Assessments:

"Should my child be evaluated? What should an evaluation include? Now that it has been done, what does it mean?" Dr. Jane Snider has evaluated hundreds of children and is able to help a parent interpret the details of these evaluations and map out the next steps. She also can simplify the often overwhelming task of how to use an evaluation once it has been completed.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults:

Many adults struggle with attentional and organizational issues, and search for an expert who can offer guidance and strategies.
Dr. Snider is able to support adults with their unique set of needs.

Fees for Clients:

No fee is charged for an initial phone consultation. Once a plan is determined, a fee for service will be discussed depending on need and scope.